How To Sell & Buy

 How To Sell 

There is no requirement to login. Simply press "Place Advert" follow the instructions and fill in the blanks of your advert putting as much detail about your dogs as you can. The next stage you will attach photos to you adverts, if you are having issues uploading, try resizing them or you can email and they can assit you.

Finally the payment which is $25 per listing via Stripe or Apple Pay, if this is not complete your advert will NOT go live so please ensure you complete each stage. Stripe and Apple Pay are very secure payment system. If you have any doubts about your payment please email . Should you require to EDIT your advert go to your confiramtion email which you will recieve the moment the advert is live, you will find the edit link there. 

The ONLY way to DELETE an advert is to request so via with the email address that placed the advert!

PHOTO SIZE LIMIT IS 16mb per photo, so you may need to resize them before you try to upload

How To Buy A Gun Dog

Simply search or browse for what you are looking for.  Check the details of any Advert  by clicking the “Summary Tile”.If you wish to make contact, simply click the “Enquire Now” button.  This will display the telephone number at the top of the window if supplied and a simple Email form for you to get in direct contact with the seller.

No middle man, no fees, no catches, just simple, direct contact with the seller. Should you require to EDIT your advert this can be done by requesting a email link via



  • Easy to place
  • No time limits
  • No hidden fees
  • Ad live until sold